Friday, January 30, 2015

PIC Experiment Kit [for 28pin] with PCB Design

Today I will share an  Experiment Kit . Changing connections in breadboard is really disgusting and this problem can be solved by using this experiment kit.
This Experiment kit contains :
1. USB Connector
2. Serial Connector
3. 4 Push Button
4. LCD Display[16x2]
5. Female Connector for Bluetooth Device
One more thing , each pin of microcontroller is connected with female connector so that  each pin can be used  individually .We can provide power supply +5v  to breadboard from this kit .

 Required Parts List :

1. IC Base 28 pin
2.IC Base 16 pin
3. capacitor  22pf ceramic   qty=2 .
4. capacitor 220 nf  qty=2
5.capacitor  1uf 50v qty=5
6. Crystal 12MHz  qty=1
7. LM 35 [Temperature Sensor]
8. DC Socket qty=1
9.Resistor 10k ohm qty=4
10. Resistor 470 0hm qty=6
11.Variable Resistor 5kohm qty=1
12. LCD Display[16x2] qty=1
13. Seven Sigment Dispay qty=1
14.Push Button qty=4
15. USB Connector B-type qty=1
16. DB9F Connector  qty=1
17. IC-->  Max232 qty=1
18. IC-->  Pic 18f2550[or another PIC Microcontroller ,if you want]
19.Female Connector qty =3
20.L -Shaped Male Connector qty=1  & LED  qty=6 [Color depends on you] .
Those parts are required and if  you are in Bangladesh contact to TechShopBD.
  TechShopBD's Website ->>

Look at here :

Instructions are given on that picture। Position of 1uf capacitor & where to connect 470 ohm resistor etc. Be careful about that 1uf capacitor should be at least 20 volt and polar. During soldering you should be careful about [ +/- ] position .
The pcb design has been provided in the Download Link given below .

Next time in future i will show how to make PCB at home Inshaallah. Now I am describing about  how to use it.

Pin A0-> for LM35 [it is static and final, you cannot change it]
Pin A1->for  another adc input[]
From A2 to A5 for 4 push button , those will work with logical 0 .
[These pins are always remaining with +5v ]
PORT B : B7 to B2  for LCD Display ।
LCD Configuration:

sbit LCD_RS at LATB7_bit;
sbit LCD_EN at LATB6_bit;
sbit LCD_D4 at LATB5_bit;
sbit LCD_D5 at LATB4_bit;
sbit LCD_D6 at LATB3_bit;
sbit LCD_D7 at LATB2_bit;
Pin B1 and Pin B0 are connected with two LED .Where each led's +end is connected with  microcontroller.[If microcontroller provide '1' , Led will be ON and during 0 ,it will remain OFF]
You have to write code according to this configuration .

Experiment Kit
Experiment Kit 

One more thing,  here an option given for 7 Segment Display. But it has no connection with the microcontroller. Female Connectors have been given so that you can connect it manually.

Download Link(google drive) 

You can watch this experiment kit at Youtube. 

YouTube VideoLink 


Thank You!


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